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Home Visits and One to One Training

If you can’t make it to our classes, I offer one to one sessions to cover  general obedience training and to look at any other behavioural issues you may be experiencing. Dogs over three years that are untrained will require more patience and time for behaviours to change, this is also dependant on you,  the owner.

A minimum of two visits must be booked initially. On the first visit, I will do an assessment and we’ll work with the issues I see at that time. On the second visit, we’ll recap and look over the training plan together.  If the issues are complex, medical related; You may need to seek veterinary advice and do more research before commencing with a training plan. Nine out of ten times, the issues are obvious, quite common and can be remedied within a couple of sessions. We can train verbally with hand gestures or with a clicker and whistle. We can work outdoors on local streets, in parks or inside your home depending on the issues. If I feel your dog’s issues are beyond my knowledge and expertise, I will happily refer you to another trainer.  
Sessions are £40.00 each and must be booked in pairs. First two visits are paid upfront on the first booking @£80.00.  Each session lasts approximately 1.5 hours. 
Cancellations : Once you have made a booking and paid that is accepted as the agreement for my services. If you need to postpone a session, we can book another time which is more convenient for both of us. If you wish to cancel the session/s I will need a minimum of 10 working days notice, you will receive 50% of the fee. If you cancel within 48 hours, you may not receive any fees back and this will be at my discretion.