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Walking & Boarding

Why your dog needs good exercise every day

Dogs are extremely intelligent and sensitive animals with bounding energy and enthusiasm. That’s why we love them!  They need to run off their energy and sniff their trails to gather information about their environment to be happy as dogs. Busy people who love their dogs don’t always have the time to walk them.

I like to walk small packs from four to six dogs.  Walking a small pack means I can give your dog individual play attention whilst socialising them within a calm pack.  Your pet will look forward to coming out with their friendship group; enjoying running, swimming, rolling in the grass on hot days, outdoor wild agility, climbing, jumping up, over and under logs and fallen trees whilst we are out.

  • It fulfils their needs to mark territory, scent and have fun.
  • A hour or two out keeps dogs exercised and calm; you’ll notice the difference when you get home.
  • They tend not to develop destructive boredom issues such as chewing furniture and your shoes.
  • They remain fit and healthy and so less visits to the vet for issues such as weight gain.
  • When walked in a pack they bond as a friendship group and learn their pack status.

Walk Times & Day Care
I now offer Walk ‘n’ Groom and Board ‘n’ Groom please see grooming page for details
Leo 2014

Walks take place in the Archway (N19) and Highgate areas of North London on Hampstead Heath, Queens Woods, Waterlow, Whittington, Finsbury and Dartmouth Park . They’re good open green spaces for exercise. I can collect from Tufnell Park, Archway and Highgate. My walk times vary depending on how many dogs I’m walking for that day. I charge for a dog and a half for two dogs from the same household. Bank holidays are charged at double the rate. Usually I pick up from your home but you can also drop off. I’m flexible about times to fit your schedule.
Walk Prices
1hr walk, usually after 2pm – suitable for young or elderly dogs £12.00
2hr walk  10.30am /11am – 2pm- suitable for high drive dogs such as Spaniels, Retrievers, labradors etc £20.00
Day care is from 10am – 4pm £25.00 
 Lola asleep at my place

A board constitutes 24 hours from drop off and the fee covers the walks outside during the day. I usually board one dog at any one time, I will board two if they already know each other and are calm in each others company.
Bath fees
I have a minimum bath fee of £15.00 per week. This covers my utility power usage, gas, electricity , water and shampoo.  I can bath and dry up to 3 times per week (7 days) at this charge. Some ponds have bacteria that can cause itchy skin on dogs. Bathing with clean warm water and a low ph shampoo helps to minimise skin reactions from pond water. Please bring a large towel and your preferred shampoo, otherwise I will use one purchased from Highgate Vets.
Board Costs: £30.00 per night,  Double the rate for Bank Holidays.

  • Please note for Walks, or Boarding. The full fees will apply for cancellations with no notice.  I  turn away work because of your booking.
  • Once a Boarding booking is made with a 50% deposit, you may lose that deposit if you do not inform me of the cancellation within 2 weeks of the start date.