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Tuesdays – Puppies

Enjoying the Free Play session

Tuesdays: Puppies
7th Jan – 11th February
18th Feb – 24th March
TBC Drop-In: 31st March
Easter Break
21st April – 26th May
2nd June – 7th July
Drop-In: 14th & 21st July
Summer Break

Puppy Play Foundation The Beginners Hall
Puppy socialisation and fundamental learning up from 8 weeks to 16 – 20 weeks of age. Usually six puppies per class. This is a 30 – 40 minute learn & play session underpinning puppy development observing their budgening pack behaviour and teaching your pup the fundamentals skills for life, such as Eye contact, Recall, Sit, Stand & Down for 10 seconds.

  • I include preventative health care with nutrition
  • Mental stimulation in play with positive reinforcements.
  • External physical examination and correct coat care for vet checks and grooming visits.

At the end of each session for 10 minutes, pups can be off the lead to socialise in a safe environment.  Pups can then go onto the second class where they will learn skills based around The Kennel Clubs’ – ‘Good Citizens Dog Scheme’

Six-week term fees
Waged £95.00. 
Concessions: At my discretion