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Mondays – Beyond Puppy

Teaching Leadwork & Follow with fundamental Agility skills

2020 Term Dates on Mondays
6th January- 10th February
17th February – 23rd March
Easter Break
20th April – 25th May
1st June – 6th July
Drop-in TBC Monday 13th July
Summer Break

We do not always use food as a reward. Sessions are physically active and fun, it’s a great buzz when class members support each other.

 Skills include:
  • Settle by your side, Go to Bed/Place
  • Increase the duration for the Wait/Stay command
  • Recall
  • Doorway, hallways & stairs
  • Develop lead work to off lead
  • Stop at a Distance
  • Leave it command
  • Food Manners
  • Canine Socialisation & Responsible Dog Ownership

Common Behavioural Issues include: Jumping up, leg humping, lunging forward whilst on the lead, excessive barking, nervous or fearful aggression towards other dogs or people.
Six-week term fees for 2020
Waged: £95.00
Concessions: At my discretion
Drop-in: £17.00