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Grooming is preventative health care for dogs. Regular grooming is good care for your dogs’ skin and coat. The removal of dead hair, mats and knotted locks which pull on the skin can cause sores, irritation and itching. Tangled matted coats often conceal dirt, fleas, mites and ticks.  Please visit your vet for advice about parasites before going to a groomer. 
I offer  Just the Groom, Walk ‘n’ Groom and Board ‘n’ Groom packages. Ask me about package discounts!
Prices below are for Toy/Companion Dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers and Dachshunds etc. For larger dogs such as Schnauzers and Poodle crosses, add £5.00 – £10.00. 
My regular clients know I always offer loyalty discounts for their return of business. 
Just the Groom Prices
Bath & Dry from £10.00                                      
Bath & Tidy from £25.00
Full Pet Trim  from £40.00
Hand Strip from £50.00                                            

Walk ‘N’ Groom
 A walk with your dog before a groom is ideal. Why not merge the two necessary needs of your dog in one go. 
Board ‘N’ Groom
When booking your board either as an overnight stay or longer, add a groom to the package. You come back to a bathed,  trimmed or hand-stripped dog. 
My Training
I have added Grooming to my skills within the training and canine care I do with dogs. In October and November 2017, I trained at the Dog Grooming studio in Tooting, London on the City & Guilds Level 3 Introduction to Dog Grooming course. I love this skill, it’s addictive. It requires patience and attention to details.  I bring the information of preventative care into the dog training classes on Tuesday evenings.