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Games Rules: Catch the Ball

Catch the Ball

Catch the Ball
Each player has 6 throws of the ball. The ball must be thrown over the line distance of 20 metres to qualify as a throw. Your dog must catch the ball and return the ball to handler. Points are scored on the number of bounces of the ball when the dog catches it.

No bounce is 10 points.
1 bounce is 5 points.
2 or more bounces gains 2 points.
No catch, no points.
Each time the dog returns the ball to the handler an extra 2 points are earned. The Judge will call ‘Time’ after 5 minutes. The Judge at their discretion will allow for missed throws or distractions. Only 2 missed throws/distractions will be given to each player.

Please Note
Winners Medals, Rosettes & Goody bags awarded after each game. Each winner will only receive 1 goody bag regardless of how many games they enter and are placed in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd position. This is to ensure that all participants including Best Pup & Best Rescue receive a prize.