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Game Rules: The Relay

The Relay: The fun run to end of the games.
Dogs must be worked off lead, however the Judge can allow at their discretion the use of a lead.
Contestants are split into 2 teams of equal numbers between 6 to 8 in each team.
The course is laid out in 2 parallel lines of between 6 and 9 identical obstacles.
As in all Relays, team members must hand over the baton or in our case the rubber chicken after completing their round to the next team member. The quickest time a team completes the course wins.
The Judges decision is final. Winning team are awarded Rosettes.

Please Note
Winners Medals, Rosettes & Goody bags awarded after each game. Each winner will only receive 1 goody bag regardless of how many games they enter and are placed in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd position. This is to ensure that all participants including Best Pup & Best Rescue receive a prize.