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Game Rules: GunDog Hunt

Gundog Hunt

Gundog Hunt
This game is based on time.
The Handler sits their dog by their side and tells the dog to sit & wait, or restrains on a lead. Handler throws the ball a minimum of 30 metres.
Once the ball has stopped rolling, the dog is sent to retrieve it and return to handler.
Each player is given 3 tries. Their fastest time will be used as the final score. Dog who finds & retrieves the quickest wins. Handlers can use ball throwers.
The Judge, at their discretion will allow for no throws or distractions. Their decision is final.

Please Note
Winners Medals, Rosettes & Goody bags awarded after each game. Each winner will only receive 1 goody bag regardless of how many games they enter and are placed in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd position. This is to ensure that all participants including Best Pup & Best Rescue receive a prize.