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Game Rules: Agility

Bianca with Honey Agility

AgilityHelter Skelter

  1. This game is based on time. The quickest dog to complete all the obstacles in the shortest time wins.
  2. The course can consist of up to 18 obstacles including jumps, weaves, tunnels, tyre/hoop, long jump and hoopers.
  3. The obstacles must be completed in set order. Handlers will have time to walk the course before the game starts.
  4. Penalty faults in the form of extra time (5 seconds per fault) will be added to the final score if any faults occur such as knocking down a pole, missing out an obstacle, back jumping or entering the weaves from the wrong side.
  5. There will be as 10 seconds ‘sit-stay’ at the beginning of the course. The scrime will blow a whistle to let the competitor know when to start
  6. Course time starts when the dog crosses the first obstacle.
  7. Dogs must run in strict numerical order.
  8. Toys are allowed in the ring. Food must be kept in pockets,
  9. All dogs must wear collars and be worked off lead.
  10. The Judge’s decision is final.
  11. A dog will be eliminated if it’s out of control, poses a danger to other dogs or people or is suffering from an injury or illness.

    Please do not allow your dog to mark the jumps, tunnels or cones. Make sure you have poo bags’

Please Note
Winners Medals, Rosettes & Goody bags awarded after each game. Each winner will only receive 1 goody bag regardless of how many games they enter and are placed in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd position. This is to ensure that all participants including Best Pup & Best Rescue receive a prize.