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The Dog Olympix

2020 Event: 13th /9/ 2020 Whittington Park,London N19 4RS




Gunzo Best in show 2019                                           

Training Begins: Sunday April 5th 2020 at 11:00 am – 12.30 pm. Whittington Park, London N19 Cost £5.00                                                            The Dog Olympix is a fundraising competitive sporting activity for everyday people with their everyday dogs. The activity began in 2016 in Whittington Park, London N19 within The Big Day Out Festival.  2017 attracted  25 entrants with 16 semi-finalists and 60 – 100 spectators. In 2018 we had 27 competitors with 200 spectators and raised £600.00.
2019 our 4th year, we raised £584.00
Anyone with a dog as an owner or handler can take part as long as they and their dog are physically able.
The Dog Olympix is run and organised by a committee. 

Whittington park is full of sporting activities with a small pond. There’s  football, table tennis, skateboarding and an outdoor gym including our community exercising and socialising their dogs. It’s a wonder how a sporty space such as this has no outdoor facility for thirsty people and dogs to drink water, fill bottles etc. There is a wall fountain in the football hut however it dribbles tepid water from a small spout and dogs are not allowed inside. There is also a water feature in the children’s playground, which on very hot days is turned on and the kids who love it! 
It’s such a shame park users and their canine friends have no access to a cool water source.

Our lovely park keepers supply a cut down container and fill with fresh water daily, However the real danger is that the container isn’t disinfected on a regular basis and dogs become ill with viral and bacterial infections such as Kennel cough. We need an outdoor source of water suitable for people to fill bottles and a spill off for dogs to drink from, similar to the picture below.

We need to raise approximately £6K for an Outdoor Drinking Water Fountain for people and their dogs.

A relaxed outdoor morning class on a Sunday with a mixture of  lead and off lead work, recall, retrieve with agility and obedience skills.  You can also attend The Alpha Dog Club in Finsbury park on Saturday afternoons in April to work with Sue Evans and her team in their agility sessions. 
All dogs taking part must  have an I.D. Tag and be microchipped.
Spectators and Dogs
Spectators’ dogs must be on lead whilst in the area that is being used for the games. Please bring water and use poo bags. We recommend spectators bring foldaway stools or blankets to sit on. We do not encourage picnics as this distracts the dogs taking part in the games. Food must be eaten away from the games area. Please dispose of your litter in the bins provided.